Original Tincture Packaging Design – Castel Mimi
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
- 2022


Constantin Mimi, the governor of Moldova, whose name was proudly lent to the modern winery Castel Mimi, was a very talented and versatile person. And his talents were not limited to administration, politics, law and winemaking. Among other things, Mr. Mimi experimented with technologies for the production of alcoholic tinctures using various fruits, berries, and even flowers. Unfortunately, the results of his experiments were lost to time and history. However, the recipe miraculously survived in the archives of his estate, and over 100 years later, Castel Mimi technologists managed to recreate a whole line of unique tinctures based on his research. This is how Nucată, Vișinată and Trandafirată by Castel Mimi were created, for which our studio had the pleasure to develop the packaging design.

The main task in developing the packaging design for the original Castel Mimi tinctures was to convey their naturalness, uniqueness and craft approach in production. That is why the packaging follows a vintage style, with an emphasis on textured paper and botanical illustrations of plants, which have served as a base for each drink. Each product wields its own unique illustration, which emphasizes a fairly concise and straightforward approach to product design, where each graphic element enhanceы the image of a natural vintage product. Therefore, the consumer instantly pays attention to the main distinguishing features of the drink - its name and ingredients - and realizes that it is something unusual, original, with a special history.