Scotch Whiskey Label Design – Moonshine Runners
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
- 2020


The Moonshine Runners whiskey collection by Artisan Spirits Box, for which our studio has created the label design, has grown by one new product. The original distillate collection created according to original recipes from the Prohibition Era now includes an authentic Scotch Whiskey. The main feature of this product had to be reflected through packaging design, while retaining the link with the overall concept of the product line. This is how the Moonshine Runners Scotch design was born.

The main feature of the Moonshine Runners Scotch design concept is the stylised Scottish flag that serves as a background for the label’s informative elements. The main graphic elements, on the other hand, continue the overall concept of the Moonshine Runners series. Thus, the new whiskey is able to fit perfectly into the collection, while also being a self-sufficient standalone product with an explicit geographic reference, which is quite apparent even at a quick glance.