Rum Packaging Design – Mad Kaper
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
- 2022


Rum as a drink is traditionally associated with seafaring and pirate stories. This is not surprising, given that the heyday of rum production was just around that point of world history, when the most exciting adventures were made by sailors of various stripes. That is why the new line of rums from Sodiko is imbued with the spirit of dashing filibusters and naval adventures. The work on this project began with the naming of the product, which subsequently set the tone for the packaging design. This is how the visual component for Mad Kaper rum was created.

The visual style for the label design of Mad Kaper rums is designed in the style of pirate posters and adventure novels. Of course, the stylized illustration of an undead pirate plays the main role in the design, which embodies the name of the product and sets the whole label in light and slightly frivolous tone. Information elements support the overall style and are enclosed in graphic blocks that continue the theme of vintage posters and book illustrations. Thus, even upon a quick glance at the bottle, the consumer gets the impression of “that exact rum” that is sung about in pirate songs and adventure books.