Craft Gin Label Design – Strange Luve Pink
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
- 2020


Strange Luve Pink is a new product in the expanding collection of original gins by Artisan Spirits Box, the main feature of which is the use of natural strawberries and raspberries during the production process. Vivid, refreshing, and, at the same time, rich and flavorful, this product expands the notion of what an authentic craft gin can be like. Therefore, the label design had to reflect this peculiarity while retaining the continuity of the basic product line.

The design concept for Strange Luve Pink is based on the existing classic gin design, enhanced with several new details. The original illustration includes images of fresh berries, which were used in the production of this gin. The expressiveness and vividness of the drink is reflected through the use of hand-written word “Pink”, which echoes the color as well as the original character of the drink. As a result, the packaging design naturally expands the existing series of products, while communicating the gin’s main feature.