Cocktail Label Design – Strange Luve Negroni
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
- 2022


Sodiko, a company our studio has been cooperating fruitfully with for a long time, have begun developing ready-to-drink cocktails based on their most popular drinks. And in the case of the famous Negroni cocktail, the choice, as expected, was cast on the Strange Luve series of dry gins, for which we created the original packaging design. The logical step in the development of the label design for the new drink was to preserve the general style of the original gin, with the interweaving of new elements that would reflect the main features of the cocktail. Thus the visual design for the new product Strange Luve Negroni was born.

The central theme in the visual design of the Strange Luve Negroni cocktail was the detailed illustration, executed in a surrealistic manner. However, upon a closer look, the abundance of small changes in the portrait becomes apparent, especially the presence of various fruits, which are designed to convey the taste characteristics of the Negroni cocktail. A large Negroni inscription was also added to the side of the label, embossed with orange foil, which makes it even easier to identify the drink. As a result, the product fits seamlessly into the overall Strange Luve product line, and at the same time clearly communicates its distinctive features to the potential consumer.