Premium Brandy Packaging Design – Cuza Voda French Oak
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
- 2022


The development and expansion of the product portfolio is a natural process for both large enterprises and small wineries. Especially if the company is engaged in the production of several types of alcoholic beverages at once. In the case of the Moldovan company Castel Mimi, we are talking about wines, distillates and tinctures. Therefore, when the company decided to release a line of premium classic divins, aged in selected French oak barrels for an extended period of time, our studio was tasked with creating a visual design that corresponded to the main idea of ​​this drink. Given the special status of the product in the company's portfolio, it was necessary to create a design that would emphasize all the distinctive features of this drink. This is how the design concept for Cuza Voda French Oak Divin was developed.

Premium class, traditional quality, and adherence to the values ​​of the Old World - these are the main ideas that formed the basis of the packaging design for the new line of selected divins Cuza Voda French Oak. Therefore the visual emphasis in the design was placed on vintage, and even antique style, which is expressed through the use of handwritten information blocks and special textured paper that imitates aged documents. The selective use of post-print processes such as gold foil stamping and blind stamping is intended to emphasize the main details of the label. And the application of a special wax seal and placing the bottle in a special gift box enhances the feeling of premiumness and limitedness of this drink.