Authentic Moldovan Brandy Redesign – Călărași Legenda
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
- 2021


Legend has it that when Yuri Gagarin, the first person to travel to space, visited the Călărași factory during his world tour, he presented a small acorn that he had with him on that historic flight. This acorn was immediately planted among young vines not far from the factory, and there a tall strong oak grew. Today that very tree provides shade for the vast vineyards, from which the legendary Moldovan producer sources the wines for their distinct products. The brandy from these particular grapes formed the basis of the Călărași Legenda collection, for which our studio has updated the visual packaging.

The main task in the development of packaging design for the Călărași Legenda divin series was to update and modernize the visual aspect of the product, while maintaining its legacy in the eyes of loyal consumers. In order to achieve this, we’ve updated nearly all graphic elements on the label. The main logo, brand inscription, numerous label elements, the structure and visual aspect of the gift box were redesigned, while retaining the aesthetics common to classic Moldovan divins. The result of the project is a packaging design that makes the product relevant to the modern market and competition, while simultaneously retaining the decades-old familiar look.