Brandy Bottle and Label Design – Cuza Voda
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
- 2021


The large-scale project for the redesign of Cuza Vodă brandies by the famous Moldovan producer Castel Mimi assumed the creation of packaging design for several product lines, which differ in style and duration of aging. For one of these lines, our studio was tasked with the development of not only the label design, but also the creation of a custom bottle shape. Taking inspiration from the classic form of cognac bottles, the style of which this range is produced in, we gave it some personalized accents and supplemented the visual component with a label that brings a historical aspect to the overall composition of Cuza Voda brandy.

The apparent simplicity of the packaging design for Cuza Voda brandy hides a rather voluminous work with studying and processing of historical materials related to the personality of Alexandru Ioan Cuza. Thus, the central element of the label's composition is the updated coat of arms of the statesman's family, and his profile is crowned with a stylized coin made with a metal print. Ornamental elements and austere fonts maintain a heraldic accent in the design. The overall style of the label and bottle is designed in a classic European manner, which emphasizes the historical aspect of this product and its orientation towards the style of Old World cognacs.