Pre-mixed Coctail Label Design – Old Fashioned
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
- 2019


One of the true modern classics, Old Fashioned is a cocktail known to connoisseurs since the beginning of 19th century, when the first mention of mixing rye bourbon, bitters, and suga can be found. Today Old Fashioned is a good reliable classic that you can enjoy after a long day’s work. However, you don’t always have all the ingredients on hand, or the time to go to a bar to get one. The new line of pre-mixed cocktails based on the popular bourbon Bandwagon was created namely for moments like these. The first cocktail in the series was chosen to be Old Fashioned, and we knew exactly which direction to take with the design for this drink.

The vintage aesthetic of the label design for Bandwagon Old Fashioned is imposed both by the name of the cocktail, and the desire to communicate the main feature of this product to the consumer: a ready-to-drink cocktail, mixed with the best ingredients, as if it was made for you by an experienced bartender somewhere in downtown New York at the turn of the century. Just pop the bottle, throw some ice into the glass, pour, and enjoy. And you can do it wherever and whenever you want, without worrying about the ingredients, the right glasses, or the presence of a good mixologist. That’s what Bandwagon Old Fashioned was created for.