Light Wine Label Design – Nobleza
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
- 2022


Wine is a drink that goes great with any season. The main thing is to choose the right style and characteristics of the wine to make it pleasant either for winter evenings or for hot summer days. The new range of light wines Nobleza from the large Moldovan winery Vinaria din Vale was created just for the warm season, when you want something easy, light and pleasant. Therefore, the packaging design had to convey the main characteristics of the product, so that the consumer would instantly understand what type of wine they are dealing with. It was this message that became fundamental in the development of label design for Nobleza wines.

The long-term cooperation of our studio with the famous Moldovan producer Vinaria din Vale continues with the packaging design for a new range of Nobleza light summer wines. The overall design aesthetic is kept in a minimalist and delicate style with an emphasis on stylized floral elements. The use of a transparent label and metallic inks in printing are effectively combined with an elegantly shaped bottle, which together creates a feeling of lightness and brightness of the product. Thus, the consumer, even with a cursory glance at the shelf, instantly identifies this wine as light, summery, unobtrusive and refreshing.