Late Harvest Wine Label Design – Luca Late Harvest
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
- 2021


Making wine from overripe grapes is a risk that not every winemaker is willing to take. Because this type of grape produces a very modest quantity of finished product, and the danger of losing all the harvest increases with each day passing. Therefore, when Casa Vinicola Luca approached us to design a label for their successful experiment with Late Harvest wine, we knew that the main task in this project was to emphasize the exclusive nature of the product. After all, every drop of this drink is the quintessence of the winemaker's labor and the unique character of the indigenous Viorica variety, from which this wine was created.

The label design for Luca Late Harvest dessert wine features a minimalist style, which underlines the exceptional status of this drink. The central element of the label is the calligraphic inscription, enhanced by the use of gold foil embossing and emboss. Artistic strokes support the inscription and act as a kind of metaphor for the dry vines from which the grapes were harvested. And the use of special textured paper enhances the feeling of the product’s exclusivity.