Select Wine Label Design – Domeniile Vorniceni
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
- 2021


Every winery, large or small, has a story to tell. And this story can be quite rich and symbolic even if it takes not decades or centuries, but only a few years. Domeniile Vorniceni is a perfect example of that. Founded in the small village of Vorniceni on the site of an abandoned Soviet wine plant, this winery has managed to combine the talents of people from different areas, and make a name for itself on the local market in a short period of time. It is the combination of the collective experience of the founders, which extends from winemaking in France to construction in Moldova, that we’ve decided to lay the basis for the label design for Domeniile Vorniceni.

The central element in the label design for the Domeniile Vorniceni is a coat of arms custom designed for this winery. This element contains symbols that represent the unique character of the company, including the Moldovan and French origins of the company, the fertile and unique climate of the Vorniceni area, and the creative character of the winery. The informational component is kept in a minimalistic tone, which visually supports the central element and emphasizes the refined character of the wines.