Sparkling Wine Label Design – Novak Spumant
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
- 2021


Long-term work with clients is always pleasant when, in the end, all participants are happy with the result. Our studio’s collaboration with Novak Winery is a great example of such a relationship. Having started working with the winery right from its inception, we have developed designs for several product lines, differing in character and positioning. And knowing the dynamic nature of the winemaker, we weren't particularly surprised when their newest experiment with sparkling wines came into play. The client’s main request was to emphasize the unique feature of this drink - a blend of 4 wine varieties - while also using a technique already applied in the winery’s other product. This is how the label design for Novak Spumant was created.

The visual design for the new experiment by Novak Winery - Spumant Brut features a minimalist approach typical for the winery. The label primarily acts as a carrier of technical information, indicating the type of drink, the exact content of varieties in the blend, as well as the number of bottles produced. In order to enhance the visual appeal, the printing involved such techniques as gold foil stamping, tactile varnish, and blind deboss for the texture, which echoes another product from the winemaker - the series of aged wines 500. Thus, the design maintains the general tone of the producer and emphasizes the exceptional and craft the nature of their experiment.