Premium Wine Label Design – The Governor
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
- 2020


The rich history of Moldovan winemaking holds a very special place for Constantin Mimi. And not only due to the modern-day winery and the chateau that bears his name. An engineer, public figure, politician, administrator, winemaker, and the last governor of Bessarabia as part of  Tsarist Russia, Konstantin Mimi introduced many improvements to the technology of wine production at the beginning of the 20th century, many of which he learned during his studies in France. Local winemakers still reap the harvest of his work, more than 100 years later. Therefore, when the Moldovan winery Castel Mimi decided to release a series of ultra-premium matured wines, it was obvious who this product would be dedicated to. Thus The Governor collection was born.

The design for The Governor premium wines by Castel Mimi immediately assumed a certain status and conservatism in its presentation, emphasizing the exceptional character of this product. Therefore, we’ve decided to use the image of an old banknote as the basis for the composition, with a distinctive execution of font and graphic elements. The central image is the stylized portrait of Constantin Mimi himself, with a more mature image of him used in red wines, and a younger image for white wines, reflecting the aging potential of each type. The careful selection of special papers for printing, the general arrangement of numerous elements, and the tempered application of post-printing techniques create the feeling of an expensive and sophisticated product in your hands. Additional touches in the form of special wrapping paper and a stylish gift box further amplify this impression.