Natural Wine Label Design – Zero Sulfiti
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
- 2020


The famous Moldovan winemaker Vinaria din Vale is known for taking a different approach to common things. One of the most recent examples - a new line of natural wines, the production of which didn’t involve any addition of sulfites in order to artificially stabilize and extend the shelf life of the product. These are vibrant wines that have to be consumed fresh. So when the company approached us with the task of creating a label design for their new product line, we’ve primarily focused on crafting an image that would emphasize the main feature of these wines - their natural production method. This is how the design concept for Zero Sulfiți by Vinaria din Vale was developed.

The main element in the label design for Vinaria din Vale Zero Sulfiți is a large 0 digit that takes up the most part of the label’s space. This element includes stylized illustrations of various natural elements: trees, shrubs, leaves, birds. Thanks to the overlay of several visual layers, the main trait of the product is clearly communicated even at a quick glance on the label. Selective application of gold foil stamping adds volume to the composition, while the minimalist style of the informational elements allows us to focus all the attention on the most important aspect of the wine.