Limited Wine Label Design – Epizod
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
- 2019


Wine is poetry. Grown by the hard labor of winegrowers and technologists, who transform juice-filled berries into a wonderful drink. Matured on the patience of winemakers, who restlessly monitor the process of fermentation and aging. Told by the efforts of many people, who manage the wine’s voyage from the winery into your glass. Still, it’s poetry. And the new project Epizod by the Moldovan company Salcuța, for which we’ve developed the label design, is devoted to this lyrical aspect of our favorite drink’s creation.

The process of creating the design for the new series Epizod by Salcuța was defined by the special concept behind the product itself. The label’s main element, of course, is the feather, created through deboss during the printing process. Each product in the line features a handwritten winemaker’s name, which amplifies the lyrical feel of the composition. Meanwhile, the overall minimalistic style and the bottle numbering emphasizes the drink’s exclusivity and its special status in the company’s portfolio.