Limited Wine Label Design – Novak 500
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
- 2020


The new project Novak 500 for the Moldovan wine producer Novak Winery is an excellent example of a long-term collaboration and trusting relationship between a manufacturer and a design studio. For instance, when the winemaker presented us with a new concept of wines aged in non-standard 500-liter Romanian oak barrels, we immediately offered a clear vision of the design for this series, and the winemaker gave the studio complete freedom of expression in implementing the visual design of the product. This is how the Novak 500 label design was born, which is based on the texture of wood rings.

The main design element in the new wine label series by Novak Winery is the number 500 superimposed over the texture of wood rings. Thanks to the intensive use of post-printing technologies in the production process of the label, we’ve managed to achieve a full sense of the 3D wood texture, which makes the label attractive from a tactile and visual standpoint. At the same time, the overall composition features a modern style common for other products by the same producer, which emphasizes the continuity of the new line within the winemaker’s general portfolio.