Gagauz Wine Label Design – Oguz Terra
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
- 2019


Hot summer sun, dry Moldovan steppes, clatter of horse hooves, and grapes full of juice. All this and much more makes up the vivid pattern of culture and customs in Gagauzia - a region in the south of Moldova, inhabited by the Gagauz people. Here you can observe traditions similar to some Balkan ethnicities, hear an archaic form of Turkish language, enjoy dishes that came from the Caucasus, and drink true Moldovan wine. Namely this versatility has served as the basis for the design project Oguz Terra by the Gagauz winery Winetage.

When developing the label design for the premium wines Oguz Terra, we’ve considered the client’s main request - to create a crest, which would embody the versatility of Gagauz culture. This request was fulfilled with the winemaker’s corporate logo, presented in a modern mono-line style. The label itself is build around a complex central element, which is comprised of the main symbols of Gagauzia - wheel, grape, horse, sun, and traditional Gagauz pattern. As a result, the label fuses the vivid ethnic character with the temperate modern premium feel, making the product stand out from the competition.