Limited Edition Beer Label – Vitanta Aniversara
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
- 2018


In order to celebrate the 45-year anniversary of the legendary Chisinau-based brewery Vitanta, the Efes-Vitanta company has decided to create a special anniversary beer with a more intense taste and aroma, which pays homage to European brewing traditions and the long history of Moldova’s biggest and most renowned beermaker. Taking into account the nature of the product, the packaging design had to depart from the modern style, common to the company’s main product line, and feature a more vintage approach that would emphasize the important occasion and the beer’s limited quantity.

While developing the label design for Vitanta Aniversara our studio has focused on the main properties of this product, and the beermaker’s history. In order to emphasize the anniversary spirit of the brew, we’ve selected a vintage visual aesthetic with its specific typefont solutions and a subdued color scheme. The main accent has been placed on the number 45, which commemorates the company’s special occasion, and on the stylized illustration depicting a brewer carrying beer barrels in a wagon with distinct Chisinau landmarks in the background. It’s also worth mentioning that the composition features certain graphic elements that were used in the original Vitanta labels, which adds to the authenticity of the design and serves as a tribute to the country’s best known beer brand.