Collaboration Craft Beer Label – Tea Muppets
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
- 2018


Experimentation, innovation, exploration of new ideas, and the constant search for sources of inspiration - this is what defines modern craft brewing. And it’s no wonder that the packaging design for products in this category tends to feature vivid and unusual solutions. So when our own “studio” brewer Sunstone Alehouse, with whom we’re working right since the beginning of 43oz, planned another collaboration beer with the Romanian brewery Three Happy Brewers, we knew well that the label design had to be as bright and special as the beer itself.

Tea Muppets is a British Pale Ale brewed with herbal tea that is used in the production of the famous Transnistrian vermouth “Buket Moldavii”. However, instead of depicting such a complex concept literally, we’ve decided to reflect the spirit of a collaboration between two local breweries by placing their names in two distinct parts of the label. And while the design in principle is rather minimalistic, thanks to using a vivid color scheme and special fonts we’ve managed to create a rather bright and memorable composition that communicates the idea of a collaborative product manufactured by two craft breweries.