Craft Beer Label Design – Nordurljos
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
- 2017


The first ever collaboration between Swedish and Moldovan beer brewers is an important event on its own, and naturally the beer made as part of this endeavor was set to be something special. In the Spring of 2017, Sunstone Alehouse (Moldova) have visited Sahlins Brygghus (Sweden), where the brewers made a limited batch of a strong ale with cloudberries. Inspired by the love for Scandinavian nature and cultural heritage, the beer was named Nordurljos, which translates from Icelandic (the oldest and closest to the original language of the Vikings) as "Northern lights". And of course, such a special project required a special kind of packaging, which would differ from the general style of the both breweries.

The general spirit of the label for Nordurljos developed by the studio can be described as craft, with a touch of retro, which is very popular among small craft breweries these days. Using lettering with certain decorative Art Nouveau elements, the entire label looks like one big, complex ornament, which has all the necessary informative elements organically written into it. The color palette intended to reflect the general feel of the label, make it more attractive from the visual standpoint, while avoiding bright and vivid colors. As a result, the label communicates the special nature of the product, its emphasis on quality that is the main reason why the consumer will choose such a drink.