Craft Beer Label Design – Despacito
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
- 2020


When someone says Mexico, some of the images that first come to mind include sizzling beaches, ice-cold beer, real tequila, and the rich history of this country. It’s these images that we had to reflect in the packaging design for the Despacito tequila-flavored craft beer created by Bevgrup company for the Polish market. The label design had to grab one’s attention among many other products at first sight, while emphasizing the drink’s main feature at the same time.

The design concept for Despacito craft beer created by our studio is based, first of all, on the visual aesthetic of tequila, the flavor of which defines this beer. The vivid images from the Aztec mythology form the framework of the composition, while the famous Sun Stone acts as the central element of the label. Heavy use of gold foil stamping in combination with a transparent label base make it look like the bottle was decorated directly, which makes the product stand out even at a glance.