Calligraphic Craft Beer Label – Obsidian
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
- 2019


Craft beer holds a special place in the life of our studio. And not just because one of us is also a brewer in their spare time. The very culture of craft beer encourages pushing boundaries both in production and visual representation of the resulting product. This is the realm where rules do not apply, where you can do virtually anything, and there are no things that would be too vivid, unusual, bold. That’s why when Sunstone Alehouse has brewed a double coffee milk stout named Obsidian, we’ve instantly decided to take this experiment further and project it through the prism of our own vision.

The label design for the craft beer Obsidian by Sunstone Alehouse is fully hand-written, which is another obsession of ours, namely for our founder Alex Kodimsky. Each stroke is full of energy and spirit of freedom, trying to escape the confines of the label, and flood everything around it, like hot lava, from which the dark volcanic glass is formed. An intense strong dark beer and an expressive calligraphic label - this is exactly the case when the whole is more than just a sum of its parts. And that’s why we love working with craft beer so much.