Young Wine Label Design – Motive
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
- 2020


Motive is a new line of wines by the renowned Moldovan producer Vinaria din Vale, which comprises light fresh wines. Each wine in this collection has a character, a motive of its own, which sets the tone for the overall bouquet. That’s why the label design had to emphasize their diversity, and at the same time, the light and laid-back character of these wines. This was our main goal when developing the design concept for the Motive wines.

The label design for Motive wine collection can be labeled both strict and vivid. On the one hand, the classic label cut as well as its division into white and black sections set a strict tone to the composition. On the other hand, by using a whole set of pseudo-ethnic symbols in combination with color foil stamping adds a vivid color accent to the label, and makes it lighter and more casual. As a result, the product draws the attention on the shelf and clearly communicates its character to the consumer.