Wine Label Redesign – Dumitras Winery
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
- 2020


Dumitraș Winery is a small family business located in Vadul-Leca, Telenești district of Moldova. The winery is one of the northernmost in the country, which imparts the wines with a special, unique character that distinguishes them from all other wine-producing regions of Moldova. The main attraction of this area is the hydroelectric power plant, located on the Raut River, flowing near the village, and it was this facility that the winemakers decided to use in their identity in order to emphasize the local character of their product. Therefore, when Dumitraș Winery contacted our studio to update the visual design of their products, we were tasked with making the design more modern and relevant to the current market trends, while maintaining the established brand identity and its geographical feature.

The label design for the family winery Dumitraș Winery follows a classic style with a slight nod towards minimalism. The central element of the composition is the image of the very same hydroelectric power plant on the Raut River, with which winemakers associate their production. Some details in the illustration were additionally processed with different types of foil in order to add more volume to the composition, and to further differentiate the wines in the overall product line. Informational elements follow a restrained style and deliver only the most necessary information about the product, which further emphasizes the central role of the illustration on the label.