Wine Drink Brand Creation – Civetta
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
- 2019


Civetta is a new brand of wine drinks, created by us from scratch for a big Moldovan wine company. The main feature of this product is the use of fruit aromas, which combined with light still and sparkling wines create a really refreshing bouquet. This feature has served as the main factor when creating the new trademark, from naming to the final packaging design.

Civetta means “owl” in Italian, while also meaning “coquette” in spoken language. We’ve tried to combine both meanings in a single concept, by depicting a stylized owl in the brand’s logo, and giving the overall composition a light, coquettish feel. While using a limited number of graphic elements allowed us to avoid excessive visual gaudiness. As a result, the product looks bright and vivid, while refraining from being saturated and glaring on the product shelf.