Sparkling Wine Packaging Design – Mileștii Mici
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
- 2018


Mileștii Mici is one of the best known wine brands in Moldova, widely known for its broad product range, and the cellars, which span over 200 kilometers and hold nearly 2 million wine bottles. That's why we were very eager to work on the bottle design project for the sparkling wines, which were released in a limited edition for the winter festive season.

The company has expressed its wish to present its traditional design in a more contemporary way, especially in the case of rose sparkling wine, which was primarily targeted at the female audience. This product used the bokeh effect as the basis for the design, which makes it light, and airy, true to the drink's character. The white and red sparking wines feature a more strict style, though the main graphic elements feature a more modern look. We also reworked the trademark's logo, making it more relevant to modern trends.