Spanish Wine Label Design – Vizconde de Begijar
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
- 2019


The legendary Spanish sensuality and expressiveness is the main trait of the design project for the series of Spanish wines Vizconde de Begijar. Straight from the county, where the renowned character created by Cervantes used to roam the roads, this collection embodies the character of winemaking from Southern Spain. That’s why when working on the label design, we’ve focused on emphasizing the emotional aspect of the drink on one hand, and on the other - the historical link with the world-famous novel, without making the renowned character the centerpiece of the composition.

The label design for Vizconde de Begijar fuses the classic approach to Old World wines with the expressive spirit of free calligraphy. By using a handwritten name of the brand, the design is able to attract the attention instantly, especially with other products on the shelf acting as a backdrop. The graphic and informational elements of the composition supplement the calligraphic inscription, and form together with the special label form an impression of an old manuscript, which tells the story of real wine forged right in the heart of Southern Spain.