Private Wine Label Design – 43 Ounces To…
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
- 2018


Strict type fonts, precise compositions, restrained attitude, which in conjunction emphasize the premium status of the product… all have nothing to do with this design project. Blast of emotions, rebellion against commonness, a breath of freedom, and a positive attitude - this is what we wanted to say with this label series.

The idea of original 43'OZ wine labels has been circulating our agency for a while. We wanted to create something offbeat, different from the traditional notion of a wine label, which usually favors serious, meticulously calibrated compositions that communicate the premium feel of the drink. We just wanted to have some fun, let our emotions run free, and show that wine is also a source of inspiration, the very element that can help a person liberate their creative potential.

Because in the end, wine is all about emotions. It’s about enjoying life. It’s about wanting to capture the brightest moments, condense them into something palpable, pleasant, tasty. So why the design for such a drink should always be strict, serious, restrained? Why not showing the wonderful feelings that can be created with a bottle of good wine? That’s exactly what we’ve tried to embody in the label design for our own series of wines. The spirit of freedom, ability to be exactly what you are, maybe a bit silly, funny, yet enjoying every moment to the max. These labels are all about these emotions, which we wanted to share with you.

Implementation of this project would probably end up in the drawer with many other “cool ideas to think about” if not for our partners, who helped us making it a reality. Avery Dennison gave us full freedom of choice with their extensive portfolio of quality artistic wine label papers, while the printing house FlexLabel carried out the print run for the labels. Besides the usual professional attitude of our partners, we were energized by their enthusiasm towards this unusual idea, which helped us a lot in carrying it out.

Sometimes in order to embody some of our boldest ideas we need those very 43 ounces - the weight of a full wine bottle - that enables us to uncover new horizons, or set free the emotions boiling within. This project allowed us to vent in a creative way, just to be ourselves - kind, funny, sometimes silly, yet wanting to live our lives to the full. And we are very happy to share this blast of emotions through our own label design.