Native Wine Label Design – 7 Coline
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
- 2019


7 Coline is a new line of blended wines by the renown Moldovan producer Vinaria din Vale. The new product is a token of appreciation to the company’s origins and its family traditions. For the story of this particular winemaker begins with an apiary in the south of Moldova, where the grandfather of the current company owner had a small beekeeping property. As years went by, a small private vineyard was planted beside the apiary, which ultimately grew into what today is Vinaria din Vale. Namely this story had to be reflected in the label design for the new wines 7 Coline.

7 Coline wines tell us a story of love for native land, family, work. So it was an obvious decision to depict a scene from the producer’s history on the label. One should separately note the image of an oak in the illustration: besides the traditional link to longevity and stability, this particular tree also serves as a family symbol for the owners of Vinaria din Vale. The use of native grape varieties the emphasizes concept of local wines, making the product’s overall message stronger.