Calligraphy Wine Label – Great Wine
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
- 2019


When it comes to collection wines, the Ukrainian company Great Wine takes things very seriously. For a limited edition of 2010 wine destined for their wine club in Odessa, the company has ordered special large volume bottles, the wine was bottled by hand, and each of them was waxed. Of course, such an exclusive product required a special kind of label, which would reflect the unique quality of every bottle. The ideal solution for this project was calligraphy, executed by our art-director, Alexandr Kodimsky.

This collection was packaged into bottles sized between 6 to 18 liters, which offered a lot of space for handwriting. Each label represents a sheet of expensive wine paper with a quote about wine scribed on it. Every bottle features its own expression written with a pointed nib. As a result, the elegant and classic calligraphy adds an additional touch of exclusivity to the limited series of wines, destined for wine collectors and connoisseurs of bespoke items.