FlexLabel New Year Wine Label
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
- 2023


The Year of the Dragon promises to be rich in collaborations! So we decided to start the trend regardless of the calendar. When our long-time partners from the FlexLabel printing house approached us to develop labels for their New Year gift bottles, it was the perfect opportunity to try something new and unconventional. Thus was born the FlexLabel 2024 label for a limited batch of Brut sparkling wine, provided by our partner Novak Winery.

The focal point of this project is a stylized hand-drawn illustration of a green dragon. From a technical point of view, great emphasis is placed on the selection of materials for printing, as well as post-printing technologies. Thus, by combining gold embossing and transparent foil coating, it was possible to create the effect of light refraction, which provides volume and sophistication to the label.