Avery Dennison Vintage Cookbook – Author’s Blend
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
- 2023


In sync with modern trends in cuisine, this design falls into the realm of deconstructed dishes. Yes, it is a vintage concoction, but one that takes all the ingredients and throws them onto the author’s plate, letting them decide what to make of it. And slowly, but steadily the author constructs a vision of their own, a reflection of what they think the dish should taste like. 

How do you cook a vintage design? 

Well, it’s not that hard, if you follow the recipe! Just take a large chunk of packaging design experience, divide it into several parts for convenience, mix in a glass of pure cask-strength inspiration, add a tablespoon of local ethnic spices, and sprinkle it with some craziness for seasoning. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?