Candy Packaging Design – Gustul Sarbatorilor
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
- 2017


The packaging design for the candy series Gustul Sarbatorilor (Taste of Holiday) has been created for a client that has compiled a mix of various imported candy products for the Moldavian market. The main task in this case was creating a festive mood, a packaging, which could be used as a gift both for kids and adults. Inspired by the visual aspect of the classic Christmas gift, we've focused our efforts on embodying the client's vision in an effective packaging design.

The series Gustul Sarbatorilor consists of three distinct products, and for each we've created its own design, resembling a holiday gift box. By using bright colors and specific festive patterns, the design is momentarily identified by the consumer as a holiday product, while the additional details such as ribbons at the top of the box amplify the feel of a holiday gift box. One should also mention the round box, which features stylized winter landscape illustrations and an image of a clock, which in combination creates an unequivocal holiday image.

The packaging was printed at FinPap