Table Sugar Trademark and Packaging Design – Zuckerman
Graphic Design, Packaging, Product Design
- 2018


Zuckerman is a project that our studio developed almost from ground up. The Russian company Proton contracted us with the task to create packaging design for a brand of table sugar. However, there was no trademark at that point – only a general vision of the target audience for the new product. As a result, we've created the naming, logo and general style for the entire brand, as well as packaging design for several products that made part of it. At the same time, the logo for the new brand was made neutral, so that it could be used for other products in the future, not just sugar.

As a result, the trademark Zuckerman is comprised of three separate product lines, each featuring its unique packaging design, but connected nonetheless with a common style and recognizable logo. The main product line features two positions that use visual patterns, which visually associate the product with traditional tea time. More exotic positions employ more vibrant, tropical patterns and color schemes, which communicate the origin of the product in the packaging. A separate position is represented by the lump cane sugar featuring a remarkably simple style and craft paper packaging, which serves as a reference to naval trade and long sea journies the product has to make before it arrives on the consumer's table.